Yoga for healing.

Yoga Therapy

In our Yoga Therapy course, we teach the healing application of ancient Yogic knowledge from a traditional perspective. You will learn to activate your self-healing capacities and boost your immune system. You will also learn how to address different health issues with Yogic techniques. 

What people have to say about our Yoga Teacher Training with focus on Yoga Therapy

Daniela Negreda

(Marketing Manager)


It is hard to put into words what this month represented to me. It was such a transformative process. The group of instructors were supportive all along the way. Their knowledge was shared in a practical and simple way making it easier to start not only applying it on our lives, but also quickly implement on our own classes and consultations.

Being it for self development or for pursuing a career in teaching, I wholeheartedly recommend this programme. Looking forward to attending a retreat to go deeper into my practice with this amazing group of people.


Angela Wong

(School Teacher, Cook)


I’ve been reflecting on what has changed for me. In fact, the things I do now did raise some eyebrows because now I’m “weird” to people around me. So, as I reflected, most changes were motivated by what I’ve learnt from a teacher whose passion for life showered magic on those around him (of course, together with the energy and light from other teachers). His patience and dedication to the classes he taught has raised so much awareness of myself I felt like I was an explorer in the Jurassic world of my life. I went to yoga ttc with injuries that stuck to me like leeches but decided to let go of me when I was there. Here, I thank Rahul for sharing many thoughts, techniques and shedding light on awareness of our body, which naturally came with awareness of our mind. Because of you, today I’m proud to say I’ve achieved some mini milestones in my life:

  • Not eating after sunset (to give my body peace)
  • Skipping a meal once a week (to detox)
  • Waking up slightly earlier to cook fresh (to preserve the prana in our food)
  • Engaging in fruitful reading before bed (to nourish my mind)
  • Practicing yoga without attachment (to give myself all the time in the world to understand “me”)
  • Smiling in face of problems (to adopt a positive mind-set)
  • Letting go of what’s not necessarily enriching my life (to distinguish between a “want” and a “need”)
  • Continuing the pursuit for knowledge (to share with people around me)
    What makes a teacher, a teacher? Someone who is dedicated, passionate, and STILL sees oneself as a learner in life. Thank you, Rahul!

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