200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training

Holistic approach to Yoga

This course will provide a feasible approach to understand the basic fundament of the vast treasure of yogic knowledge. We slowly guide the students towards meditation and spiritual growth. Our Yoga Teacher Training Course has a focus on self-transformation. We teach the healing application of ancient Yogic science from a traditional perspective. You will learn to activate your self-healing capacities. 

Split Your Yoga Training

We offer the opportunity to split a complete Yoga Teacher Training of 200 hours into tailored modules. Especially for working people who can only take off from work for a limited amount of time.
You can split the training in weekly modules and accomplish according to the time you have available. 


Price for Yoga teacher training in Nepal

Shared room        $1645                   Apply now

Single  room         $1950                   Apply now

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Our 200 hours yoga teacher training is an insightful teaching methods that aim to equip the student with effective communication skills along with traditional Yogic wisdom and in-depth knowledge. This Yoga teacher training course guides and assists the students to become self-sufficient in understanding and grasping their personal potential and teaching others to do the same, ensuring personal growth via self-exploration.

The students will learn to design customized Asana sequences for specific needs, considering different life circumstances. The students get a firm foundation in all aspects of Yoga, in a supportive and harmonious environment,that prepares them to become confident and successful Yoga teachers, capable of mentoring students in different settings.

The course has a Yoga Therapy focus. You will learn to activate your self-healing capacities and boost your immune system. You will also learn how to address different health issues with Yogic techniques.  

Content Hours

The content hours, as per Yoga Alliance, are:

  • Techniques- yoga asanas, pranayama and meditation – 100 hours
  • Teaching methodology – 30 hours
  • Anatomy and Physiology -20 hours
  • Philosophy/Ethics/Lifestyle – 30hours
  • Practicum – 15 hours
  • Others – 05 hours
  • Total – 200 hours

Textbooks and other Materials

Feel free to start studying this reading material upon booking confirmation! 

Please read a copy of the Bhagavad Gita and write a short recession about it (one page is enough). 

Before the training starts we also recommend you read our articles and blog posts to gain a better understanding of our philosophy and the experiences provided.

Origin and Philosophy of Yoga

This training provides a perspective on the origin of traditional Yoga. We take you on a brief journey through the development and evolution of the Yogic philosophy analyzing the purpose and goals of various Yoga practices that have sprung from the original discipline. We will discuss the inspirational scriptures of wisdom and exchange our experiences of the ethical and moral guidelines in daily life situations. Philosophy from the scriptures will come to life and be practically implemented throughout the whole training. We will work through the wisdom provided in the Vedas, the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita and Hatha Yoga philosophy.

Practical training

Yoga Asanas: We have daily classes teaching the variety of Hatha Yoga Asanas. We teach how to do the Asanas guided by breath and with full awareness as Vinyasa flow sequence.

Anatomy and Alignment: We will explain the logical and scientific principle behind each Asana. The students will experience the effect on the joints, the spine, the internal organs and the emotional state. We discuss indications and contra-indications of each Asana, how to establish it, which muscles are engaged and how the smallest modification can alter the effect. After understanding the precise method of each Asana, the students will have a deep understanding on how to perform and teach each of the postures.

Physiology: Unfolding the infinite body-wisdom, strengths and weaknesses we let the students explore the effectiveness of Yogic practices in physiological terms. We discuss the effects of the Asanas on the metabolism and the endocrine system.

Shatkarma: We teach very effective Yogic detoxification techniques and explain the effect on mind, body and soul.

Pranayama: In these sessions the students will explore the flow of the Prana (life-force) and experience the healing effects on the whole system. We will introduce different techniques and deepen the understanding throughout the training including the philosophy behind the pranic teachings pranayama.

Yoga Nidra: The sleep of the Yogis is a conscious relaxation technique and can be used to remove mental and physical blocks. These workshops guide the student to systematically experience deep relaxation, according to the texts of the Himalayan Yoga. The students will learn how to connect with the subconscious mind through precise guidance.

Meditation: Being the core part of Yogic practice, we will have guided meditation at least one hour per day. The students will learn how to prepare for meditation, seat correctly, breath properly, witness thought patterns, and relax naturally. Slowly we lead them towards a centered and calm state so that they are ready for their inward journey. We introduce different techniques of meditation which students can introduce in their daily practice as well as in their teaching classes.

Ayurveda: The ancient Vedic Medical Science of holistic healing is closely connected to Yoga. We will have a brief introduction into the core elements of this vast knowledge of holistic health such as body types and nutrition.

Nada Yoga: In Nada-yoga classes, specific sound and music based meditation, which is sublime and uplifting, is taught and practiced.The methods of sound meditation will be introduced in practical classes where the students can experience the impact of vibrations and their healing effect on body, mind and soul. We will teach a variety of Indian spiritual hymns and powerful Mantras.

Teaching Methodology and Guidance: The students will learn how to impart knowledge and teach in a comprehensible and practical manner. The courses encompass preparing and structuring the classes as well as communication skills and implementation of the ethics of Yoga.

Vedic Rituals: We will introduce our students into Mantra chanting, fire ceremonies and explain their origin from the sacred scriptures.

Code of Conduct: Students are required to maintain a peaceful environment. Gentleness as the foundation of yogic life is to be followed in speech and actions. We live purely and take only natural and healthy nutrition. Any kinds of drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and meat are prohibited on the premises and during the training. In order to be receptive and available in our full capacity, we need to observe a good and healthy sleep. So, we ask our students to observe silence after 10pm.

Certification:The students will receive a Yoga Alliance Certificate of 200 hours after the completion of the course. This certificate qualifies to teach Yoga internationally.

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Maria Arnaoutaki


I believe that when one decides to go on a teacher training or a yoga retreat, they are searching for something in that moment in time. I wasn’t sure what I was searching for, so I went in with no expectations. This training was more than I could have ever imagined and I am taking with me so much valuable knowledge and lessons for life.

Just enjoy,  Namaste!

Sabine Stöhr


I was already able to enjoy the lessons and I am impressed by the deep and extensive knowledge of Rahul. Whether philosophy, anatomy, mediation or Ayurveda medicine. Every hour was very educational and filled with very good information. Based on practical examples, we have learned a lot, discussed and laughed. I thank you for knowing what I got with me on my way.


Kun Ágnes Anna


I felt myself very relaxed in all the classes and could pay attention to my inner world with comfort. I knew that my teachers could take care for me at this place.

When I teach in my classes now, I always find these same feelings deeper and deeper. You are a great teacher! And I love that you are demanding of us in the right way and you always inspire people to be better human beings. I could feel myself always improving and that was such a great feeling to have.

Daily Schedule

Sample Daily Schedule

  • 06:00 – 7:30 am                          Hatha Yoga Asana
  • 07:45 – 8:45 am                           Pranayama (Breathing practices)
  • 09:00 – 10:00 am                        Breakfast
  • 10:30 – 11:30 am                         Philosophy
  • 11:45 – 01:00 pm                          Yoga Anatomy and Methodology 
  • 01:00 – 02:00 pm                        Lunch
  • 04:15 – 05:45 pm                          Vinyasa Yoga
  • 06:00 – 07:00 pm                        Meditation, Mantra Chanting, Yoga Nidra
  • 07:00 – 08:00 pm                        Dinner

*There is one one and half day off every week!

*The schedule is subject to change.

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Yoga Teacher Training Calendar 2018-2019

We offers 200hr and 100hr retreats throughout the month at the particular location. The 100 Hours is for 14 days and the 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training is for 27 days. The duration of the course can be extended for one or two weeks to attend the Meditation Teacher Training. 

Upcoming Dates:

Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal

  • Sep 5 – Sep 28, 2019                   Apply now
  • Oct 5 – Oct 28, 2019                 Apply now
  • Nov 5 – Nov 28, 2019                  Apply now
  • Feb 5 – Feb 28, 2019                 Apply now
  • Mar 5 – Mar 25, 2019               Apply now
  • April 5 – April 25, 2019               Apply now
  • May 5 – May 28, 2019              Apply now

Yoga teacher Training in Rishikesh

  • Dec 7 – Jan 2, 2018                   Apply now
  • Jan 7 – Feb 2, 2019                  Apply now
  • Feb 7 – March 2, 2019                 Apply now

Yoga Teacher training Kerala

  • Dec 5 – Dec 28, 2019
  • Jan 5 – Jan 28, 2019

Course Fee

100 Hour Yoga teacher training

Shared Room       $900                  Apply now

Private room        $1,100                  Apply now

200 Hour Yoga Teacher training 

Shared Room       $1,645                  Apply now

Private Room       $1,950                  Apply now


The tuition includes the education fee, certificate, course materials, accommodation and food three times a day for the whole training.




The Advance payment is done via Paypal or Bank Transfer.  

20% of the total amount is required to be transferred 30 days before the training starts.

You can pay the remaining amount on arrival or transfer the complete amount in advance as you wish. The payment can be made via cash, debit, credit or transfer. Transactional fee might apply.

For further questions or problems with the payment please contact us via info@yogasamskriti.com.

People who bring a friend, partner or any extra student to the course will receive a 10% discount on the course fee.
Our students who decide to have further education will receive a 25% discount on the education fee only of the next course they enrol in.
Our students who want to repeat a course will receive a 50% discount on the education fee only of that course.

Refund Policy
Once the application is approved, we guarantee a place in the course. If you cancel your enrolment 45 days before the course there will be a cancellation fee of 20% of the total course fee, 30 days before the course starts we will charge a cancellation fee of 50%. After that we cannot refund anymore.

In case you have to cancel after that period of time you can send another person in your place. He/she would have to go through the process of application as well.

In case of a short cancellation due to medical issues, accidents, etc. please contact us. We will find a good solution (like a voucher for future training programs, etc.) to support each other. 

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We review the information carefully provided in the application form to decide about your intention to join in and take complete benefit of the training. Please write the answers honestly. Acceptance to training are based on the application information. As we have limited number of students in every training, and limited accommodation, we highly recommend that student should submit the application as soon as possible (4 – 6 months before program start). Courses get fully booked 30 – 45 days in advance.

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We are glad that you preferred to contact us. Please fill the form and we will get back to you soon.