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Thousands of years ago, the Rishis (sages) confined themselves in caves in the sacred Himalayan mountains to explore and prepare their body and mind.  Their aim was to understand the workings of nature and the cosmos, to ultimately achieve liberation. They put the result of their investigations and experiments into a system and called it Yoga. They offered it as a gift to all humanity, as a complete, holistic way of living – seeking the meaning of life and striving to end suffering, for themselves and others.

The subtleties of the old teachings reveal themselves to the practitioner through careful guidance and constant personal growth. No fancy techniques are needed for that. We teach and practice traditional yoga as it was taught by the sages and saints of the Himalayas for centuries. 

Modern technologies today are able to detect the physiological effects of the yogic methods. Its beneficial effects have been scientifically proven. Those teachings are increasingly adopted by mainstream healthcare practitioners and applied in medical and psychological treatments.



During deep meditation, the Sages received divine knowledge that they carefully stored in scriptures called the Vedas, the most ancient scriptures in human history (~27 000 yrs old). There, they recorded knowledge about Sanskrit (the mother of all languages), Mantras, Mudras, Pranayama, Asanas and Meditation techniques. They also shared their knowledge of Cosmical structure, astrology, the nature of the human body and mind and karmic rules. Up until recently, these scriptures were kept secret, revealed only to a select group of the most dedicated students. The Yogic Masters would take in disciples and teach them their entire life, with the aim of having them protect and pass on this knowledge intact. To qualify as a student, they had to exhibit an earnest yearning for deep understanding and the will to dedicate their life to the practice.


The goal is to end all suffering and achieve true happiness.
The path is yoga.

Our vision is to build a community of truth seekers and benevolent friends, who learn and teach throughout their lives in order to provide guidance to like-minded people.

Building the self-sufficient global Yoga research and development centre allows us to accomplish our mission of serving as the guides and facilitators of transferring the ancient yoga science in its true form. Our team of experienced teachers are deeply passionate about spreading the science of yoga properly. We are dedicated to bringing this ancient wisdom to all people.

Our team of teachers have led successful careers in their respective fields of creative design, human biology, Eastern Philosophy, etc. Now they have dedicated their lives to bring about awareness of the yogic lifestyle to create a more peaceful and fulfilled society worldwide. 

We help every seeker, regardless of age, race, and gender, to discover their unique potential and enhance their creativity in harmony with themselves and nature.

We accompany and support you in your journey of self-transformation and guide you to help others on their own paths.

“If you practice, you will experience, and that experience will turn into faith and guide you on the path.” –Swami Rama

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