Best Yoga Teacher Training and Retreats in Nepal

Best Yoga Teacher Training and Retreats in Nepal

Nepal is a destination that calls travellers and spiritual seekers from all corners of the globe for many different reasons. Best Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal and  Meditation Yoga Retreats of the highest quality can be found if one knows where to look.


It is no surprise that Nepal is a tourist hotspot, considering that in addition to all of this, Be it natural beauty in the form of the most famous mountain range in the world (The Himalayas) or the rich culture, temples, unique history and delicious food.

Yogasamskriti Yoga School and Research Centre in Pokhara, Nepal, stands out as a special place for those seeking an authentic and rewarding inner experience and Offer Best Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal.


Why Yogasamskriti Nepal?

Yogasamskriti Yoga School and Research Centre is located in the peaceful lakeside community of Pokhara, Nepal. The close proximity of the Himalayan Mountain Range, where yogis and sages have practiced in isolation for thousands of years emit an energy that provides a uniquely productive atmosphere for spiritual growth and development through Best Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal.


Our Certified 200-Hour Best Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal and 300-Hour Best Yoga Teacher Training Nepal as well as immersive Meditation and Yoga Retreats are provided by a collective of experienced teachers from around the world, whose knowledge is deep rooted in direct experience through dedicated practice. The school has been created in the sincere endeavour to impart the wisdom of ancient yogic traditions to seekers yearning to learn and teach throughout their lives.


All aspects have been covered to ensure a calm learning and growing environment; rich natural surroundings and cosy rooms of the Castle Resort, ayurvedic meals made from freshly grown produce and friendly staff are all provided.


Best Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal (YTT), Pokhara


200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal Pokahra

The Best Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal Course focuses on self-transformation, with an emphasis on the progression toward meditation. Practical and theoretical study of Asana (postures), Pranayama (breathing), Meditation, Philosophy, Yoga Anatomy, Shatkarma (yogic detoxification), Yoga Nidra, Nada Yoga, Teaching Methodology, Ayurveda and Vedic rituals are combined to provide a comprehensive Teacher Training.


Students will learn to design customised asana sequences for the specific needs of individuals and develop a firm foundation on all aspects of yoga in order to create a holistic practice. Confident and successful yoga teachers capable of teaching a wide variety of students in different settings are the result.

Best 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal Pokhara 

Duration – 24 days


Shared Room – $1650

Single Room – $1950


*3 Ayurvedic (vegetarian/vegan) meals per day will be provided.


*The course can be split into separate two-week modules (Module I + II, Module III + IV) for your convenience.


300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal, Pokhara

An advanced, in depth programme encompassing vast aspects of yogic knowledge. This course refines and adds to the skills and knowledge acquired in the 200-hour Yoga Teacher training. Students will be enabled to deepen their own practice and teach students with even more clarity.


The comprehensive 300-hour Yoga Teacher training will allow students to become confident, results oriented teachers. Equipping students with the skills to organise retreats, workshops, seminars, designing specialist programmes or opening your own studio, will leave them with the freedom to decide which direction they want to head with their yoga journey/career.

Authentic 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal Pokhara

Duration – 31 days


Shared Room – $1945

Single Room – $2250


*3 Ayurvedic (vegetarian/vegan) meals per day will be provided.


Best Yoga and Meditation Retreats


7 Day Himalayan Yoga and Meditation Retreat

This unique retreat has been created to bring harmony, deep relaxation and total rejuvenation while exploring body, mind and spirit. Nestled beneath the Himalayan Mountains, the space and guidance for you to move towards stillness and peace, away from the speed of the world and its distractions, is provided to all who are seeking to improve their state of wellbeing.


The retreat includes a variety of spiritual practices such as daily Hatha, Vinyasa and Restorative yoga classes, daily meditation and relaxation practices, breathing techniques, personal spiritual guidance and a complimentary Ayurvedic massage. Our experienced teachers, whose practice is deep rooted in Indian culture, and fully immersed in the principles of yoga will ensure an authentic and traditional experience.


Himalayan Yoga & Meditation Retreat in Nepal



Duration – 7 days


Shared room – $595

Single room – $695


*3 Ayurvedic (vegetarian/vegan) meals per day will be provided.


10 Day Meditation Retreat

A space to cultivate stillness and promote healing is something that all of us require living and enjoy a meaningful life on this earth. The restless state world today has made this necessity all the more difficult to find.


Similar to the 7 days Himalayan Yoga and Meditation Retreat, this 10-day retreat will allow you to experience a profound level of inner tranquillity. Those who attend will be provided with the space to experience an increasing sense of harmony, and time to develop long lasting habits that will have a positive effect on their lives and those around them, long after the retreat is over.


The longer 10-day retreat will provide the chance to explore an even wider variety spiritual techniques and allow the time to move deeper into the practices and their benefits.


Meditation teacher training in Nepal (50,100hrs)



Duration – 10 days


Shared room –

Single room –


*3 Ayurvedic (vegetarian/vegan) meals per day will be provided.


Yoga Nidra (Art of Relaxation) Retreat

Yoga Nidra is an ancient yogic meditation technique used to develop breath, body, mind and subtle body awareness in a half sleep/half waking state. Whilst resting in Savasana (corpse pose) you will learn to enter into the subtle body and remove physical and mental (emotional) blocks. The practice of Yoga Nidra will give deep rest to the whole body (promoting healing), encourage quality sleep (even curing insomnia) and help to release stress, just to name a few benefits.


The retreat will provide an in-depth understanding of the Yoga Nidra practice, as well as guide you practically through the layers of body and mind to a subtler awareness. Step by step breath work, relaxation of muscle tension, how to remain aware whilst entering the unconscious mind, understanding the meaning of dreams and emotional release will be the focus during the retreat.

Yoga Nidra (Art of Relaxation) in Nepal


Duration – 7 days


Shared room – $650

Single room – $795


*3 Ayurvedic (vegetarian/vegan) meals per day will be provided.


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