Best Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal Pokhara

yoga Teacher Training in Nepal

Best Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal Pokhara

I wasn’t new to yoga before going on Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal, but my goal was not to become a yoga teacher in Nepal…


I have to admit, I went to Nepal with a lot of attitude, reservations, fear and doubt… but I’ll never forget the day I met Rahul Ji ….quiet, calm, with a gentle smile on his face, looking right through me.

Oh dear,

what is he thinking,

I kept asking myself I have to say, I haven’t met many people like him in my life ( despite having travelled a fair bit ). Peaceful, calm energy shining around him, despite the young age, he’s speaks a wisdom of a wise, old man.


There are many positives I can start naming about Nepal Yoga Teacher Training, in fact, everything about it was great, from the organisational point of view to the quality and knowledge of other teachers as well.


But what I appreciate the most, is that, I really started to see, that they really wanted us to look at yoga practice as to what it is for them, a devotional, transformative practice, not just to focus on the physical aspect and leave the room with nothing more than a sweaty back. That the physical is meant to be the doorway to something more…

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And the reason I’ve stayed practicing after the Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal, was thanks to that spiritual emphasis of the practice. It’s not so easy to explain – because it’s not like Rahul Ji said to me, ok, now go and do this or that, now believe in this, be vegetarian, be a better person, etc. No…..It’s just…he IS that person. And when I was around him, I changed. Not in a way, ok, I’m gonna be a yogi now and do these things to check them off the list…I never imagined to be a yoga teacher. I have gone through two Master degrees in Economics and International business and was on a completely different path…But I started practicing more and through the physical, I started to change. Be more patient, learnt to slow down and prioritise, doing things that make me happy rather than fulfilling someone else’s dreams…I’m learning to let go of “things” that I no longer need, be grateful for everyday things, for being here…


It’s Rahul’s dedication and consistency that he’s devoting to teaching and to his practice, that’s given me the inspiration throughout the practice, being in his presence, just listening to his stories during philosophy classes, I was inspired to be a better person, I was inspired to make changes, I was inspired to continue what I gained here during my Yoga Teacher Training and pass it on.


Thank you, my beloved teacher and dear friend Rahul Ji, hope to meet again.


– Zuzana Belakova


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