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Ayurvedic Massages

During our Teacher Trainings, you have the opportunity to experience the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda by receiving relaxing and rejuvenating massages facilitated by professional and experienced therapists at our nearby Ayurvedic center. Ayurvedic massages not only relieve symptomatic pain but also serve as a method of preventative care. They increase circulation, strengthen the lymphatic system, and release prana (life force) blockages in the body to promote better health and well being. Each massage is tailored to one’s specific dosha or constitution to ensure a personalised healing experience through individualised oil blends and techniques. This type of detoxification removes long term tensions in your body and will calm your mind and up lift your spirit.


Ayurvedic Cooking Class

We conduct an Ayurvedic cooking class in which the students learn how to cook traditional dishes using healthy, nutritious food and local ingredients under the guidance experienced cooks at our school. Food is an integral part of a holistic yogic lifestyle and learning to use food as preventative care against disease and illness is vital to living a sustainable life. Students will learn how to prepare foods for optimal digestion and absorption dependent on specific body types and doshas. They will learn ideal food combinations and why certain foods are incompatible while others are harmonious. Additionally, they will learn how to use Ayurvedic herbs and spices to heal and balance the body through delicious tasting foods. Students will be introduced to the principles of Ayurveda including bhutas, agni, dhatus, gurvadi gunas, maha gunas, and the role of prana in food. Ayurevedic diets promote optimal health and well-being and is a wonderful accompaniment to a daily yoga practice.

Once the food is cooked the students will enjoy the meal together, celebrating the essence of food in a beautiful environment.


Local Excursions

During the course we will take you on excursions to refresh the mind and boost your spiritual energy. Below is a selection of potential activities to do dependent on season and weather. Each takes half a day or more. If you’re interested in further excursions, they can be arranged through the travel desk at reception.



Many Shiva-Shakti or local deities’ temples are located near the Yoga training centre.


An incredible view of the snow peak range can be seen on a clear morning from the close-by mountain peaks.


Sunset fire ceremonies conducted by priests at the river edge in both Rishikesh and Haridwar.

Ram Jhula and LakshmanJhula:

These two suspension bridges in Rishikesh which go over the Ganges River lead to various temples, ashrams and markets.

Pokhara, Nepal

Fewa Tal:

This is second largest lake in Nepal, with a densely forested shore filled with birdlife. On a clear day the lake becomes a perfect mirror, beautifully reflecting the mountains.

World Peace Pagoda:

Situated on top of a large hill above Fewa Lake, this famous temple built by Buddhist monks from the Japanese NipponzanMyohoji is a haven for beautiful energy.


There are several treks through the hills, passing through villages, farm terraces and stretches of woods, where you will find stunning views surrounding the Himalayas. This is also an opportunity to witness beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

Australian Camp:

Dhampus Village, a two-day trek from Pokhara or a a short 60 minute taxi ride, offers a unique cultural experience, with authentic Nepalese communities and commerce. From here a one-hour trek through the awe-inspiring Dhampus Jungle, will bring hikers upon the unforgettable Australian Camp (2000 meters altitude). This amazing location offers stunning panoramic views of the Annapurna Mountain range, including the Fishtail peak. These is a great trek to experience the Nepal mountain scenery and a tranquil location to watch the sun rise over the mountains.


There is an opportunity for boating in Fewa Tal and visiting the traditional Barahi Temple situated in the middle of the lake.

Local Temples:

There are several temples in the surrounding areas, devoted to different deities, frequented both Hindu and Buddhist devotees alike.

Varkala, Kerala

Local Fishers’ Villages:

After experiencing the tourist-oriented cliff edge, with various stalls and world music being played in restaurants and cafes, one can also walk through local fishers’ villages for a more traditional sight of Varkala.

Sunset on Beach:

The beautiful natural setting of the cliffs and the beach provide a stunning view of a peaceful and relaxing sunset.

Kappil Beach:

To get away from the bustling main beach, in Kappil one finds a yet-undeveloped stretch of sand, which is also the entrance to a small network of backwaters. Kappil is located around 9km north of Varkala.

Mantra Chanting

Mantras, repetitive sounds that penetrate the depths of the unconscious mind adjust the vibration of all aspects of your being. The benefit of rising consciousness can be felt by audible chanting alone, in a group, or simply by listening and absorbing the vibrations. The act of your tongue pressing against the palate of the mouth stimulates the hypothalamus, thalamus, and pituitary glands, governing the endocrine system and the chemical releases of the body, balancing the body and causing healing on a deep level. Furthermore, the vibrations from these ancient mantras rearrange your molecular structure, creating a balanced body and mind even at the smallest particles of the body. Mantras adjust your life experience through the subtle vibrations they cause in your being.

In the evening, we will teach the most auspicious and healing Mantras from the Vedic culture to our guests. We teach how to pronounce the Sanskrit words in the right manner and explain the meaning and effect of those holy chants on the body and mind. Singing together will magnify the benefit and meditative impact of these mantras.

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