It Too Shall Pass

It Too Shall Pass

A very dedicated disciple was working on his meditation practice for months. Suddenly he got stuck in a phase where no matter how much he concentrated, he simply could not focus enough and let his thoughts go. As the days went by, he was getting more and more frustrated with his practice, so he decided to approach his master for advice.

He came very humbly to the feet of his master and explained the situation. He expected to hear a full lecture including techniques on how he could conquer his thoughts and surpass this extremely vexing moment. But all his master would say was: ¨It shall pass¨.

Despite the disappointment in not receiving more instruction, the disciple went back to his meditation practice with renewed confidence. After all, he now had the understanding that it was just a phase and soon enough his mediation practice would be back on track. For several weeks, the disciple dedicated himself to his practice and he could see improvement every day. He was now very excited and could not wait to share this great news with his master.

Once again, he approached the feet of his master and shared his delightful news. He expected to receive praise for having been able to overcome this trying phase and some encouraging words to continue on this successful path. But all that his master told him was: ¨It shall pass¨.

This story shows that in any practice there will be phases. And in each phase we need to continue working on ourselves. Through good times and bad times we need to keep our focus on our own development, not to getting influenced by the frustration of failure or by the jubilation of success. All we should do is observe, and it too shall pass.


Om Peace Peace Peace!


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