Don’t jump right in! The 6 steps of an asana

Don’t jump right in! The 6 steps of an asana

In today’s fast pace world, we seem to always be in a hurry, jumping from one activity to another, while on our mobiles and thinking of dozens of things at the same time. But when coming to our mats, this is the moment to slow down, forget about all responsibilities for a moment and don’t jump right in do the 6 steps of asana.

If this is the goal of yoga asanas, why then just jump right into the poses? During your practice, you should always have the goal of slowing yourself down by bringing your mind to the present moment and focusing on your deep abdominal breathe.


To achieve it, you should perform each asana in 6 steps of asana, all of them of equal importance:

1 – Center: this is the moment that you center not only your body but also your mind. You prepare yourself for the next asana. You calm your breath and release any tension of the body. This is the zero pose.

2 – Enter into the pose: slowly move yourself into the desired pose, following the sequence of movements that allow the best way for your body to enter into the pose

3 – Observe and Adjust: alignment is very important to ensure safety of the body and maximum benefit of the pose. By observation, you can slight adjust the body

4 – Hold: now that the body is in the correct posture, you can hold the pose for the selected number of breaths with ease

5 – Exit the pose: retrace the steps from how you got into the pose, following the sequence of movements that allow the best way to come back to the zero pose

6 – Center: you re-center your body and mind, getting ready for your next pose


By performing these 6 steps of asana every time, your mind will be calmer and more focused, which in return will make the pose easier allowing you to hold it for longer.

On your next asana practice, don’t just jump right into the poses. You will reap the benefits of a well-worth practice physically and mentally.


OM Peace Peace Peace!


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