What makes a Yoga teacher?

What makes a Yoga teacher?

There are many different reasons why people decide to take a Yoga Teacher Training course. My students sometimes arrive to the course still asking themselves what it means to be a Yoga teacher, what they would have to consider and even why they would like to teach Yoga at all.

The desire normally arises from a variety of reasons and situations. Maybe Yoga has helped some people heal themselves so they want to offer others this same tool. Others have been through depression, anxiety and Yoga helped them regain control of their lives and they would like to assist others on this same path. We also see many students that felt or even still feel stuck in their lives and can see a way forward based on the Yoga philosophy.


The one thing that everyone has in common is the desire to share. Share the knowledge, share the positive energy, share the love. Sharing is a part of human nature. It is only natural that we would like to share with others what has helped us.


Sharing happens in two ways; There is a conscious and an unconscious sharing.
So how do we share? We communicate, this is our conscious sharing.

However, there is a lot more than just the words. The unconscious sharing comes from the teacher’s presence, how they present themselves, how they behave, how they interact with students, how they manage the classroom, and even how they live their everyday lives outside the mat. This unconscious sharing is subtle but very important.

A teacher that is confused, will share confusion; a teacher that is angry, will share anger; a teacher that is happy; will share happiness; a teacher that is anxious, will share share anxiety. It is very simple, whatever we have going on in our lives, we will share it in the classroom with students.

Now, a yoga teacher should share their peaceful energy, unconditional love, care and support to people. It goes beyond teaching, it is sharing the experience and the fruit of the Yogic path with students.

Each one will take their time to understand these life lessons and then keep what is useful to them. Students might come in for the physical practice of the asanas, but leave with a whole lot more. With time, they will start to apply their understanding and what is useful for their every day lives.

What makes a person a yoga teacher is that whenever people come in their presence, people feel loved and cared for. This is what everyone is looking for, including the Yoga teachers themselves.

Keep love the centre principle in your teaching. Of course that the knowledge and the skills are important, but these you acquire during a Yoga Teacher Training. What will actually make you a Yoga teacher, is the love and care provide to other.

Being a yoga teacher is a motherly nature. You become a mother. Mother is the symbol of unconditional love. The students become your children and you care for them in that way.


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