Yoga Retreat in Nepal Pokhara

Yoga Retreat in Nepal Pokhara

This 6 Days and 12 Days yoga retreat in Nepal has been created to bring harmony, deep relaxation and total rejuvenation while exploring body, mind and spirit. Join us for an unforgettable rejuvenating experience in the breath taking Himalayan mountains of Nepal. During this retreat, you will find the perfect opportunity to regain your sense of harmony and leave the negative effects of a stressful life behind. By entering a place of peace and happiness, you will be able to take your mind away from worldly distractions and focus on inner peace and self-transformation.

The Yoga retreat in Nepal course will offer a variety of spiritual practices including Hatha, Vinyasa and Restorative yoga alongside meditation and breathing techniques which cater to all levels and age groups. With experienced teachers and practitioners deeply rooted in Indian culture and fully immersed in the principles of yoga, you will encounter an authentic and traditional experience. Each individual will have personal time with the practitioners, who will be providing emotional and spiritual support throughout the Yoga journey retreat in nepal  You will learn a wealth of new information which will contribute to your own personal practice, and also give insight on the ways of healing yourself through yoga practices and relaxation techniques.

The Yoga retreat in Nepal will be especially beneficial to those who are looking for clarity, peace of mind and rejuvenation. One will be able to gain a deeper understanding of their body and re-discover their inner calm by developing a balanced and focused mind. Delving into spiritual practice will help to let go of what may be holding you back and inspire the love for yourself to grow and blossom. yoga retreat in nepal  Yoga philosophy and principles will be introduced, so that you will be able to deepen your knowledge on the practice and discover how you may apply these beautiful principles into your daily life. The body will be strengthened to allow strength to also grow in the mind, leaving you feeling healed, loved and balanced.

Yoga Retreat in Beautiful Nepal Pokhara
Meditation and Yoga retreat location in Nepal Pokhara
Nepal Yoga retreat in beautiful mountains of Nepal

Daily schedule

Day 1-5

  • 06:00 am – Herbal Tea
  • 06:30 am – Morning Hatha Yoga and Pranayama
  • 09:00 am – Breakfast
  • 10:30 am – Yoga Philosophy
  • 01:00 pm – Lunch
  • 04:00 pm – Herbal Tea
  • 04:15 pm – Vinyasa Yoga
  • 06:15 pm – Meditation
  • 07:15 pm – Dinner
  • 09:30 pm – Good Night
Complete Retreat schedule

Retreat Highlights

  • Daily yoga classes
  • Daily meditation & relaxation practices
  • Personal spiritual guidance
  • Complimentary Ayurvedic massage
  • Three daily Vegetarian/Vegan meals
  • 5 nights accommodation

Nepal Retreats Calendar 2019-2020

The school offers 6 & 12 days retreats throughout the year in Pokhara, Nepal. The duration of the retreat can be extended for extra days if desired, for deepening study and yoga discipline.

6 days retreat

$395 for a shared room

$495 for a private room


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12 days retreat

$795 for a shared room

$995 for a private room


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We provide a tranquil environment to students that helps them to connect with their inner selves. With contemporary interiors, rooms reflect the harmony and serenity of the place. They allow you to completely surrender yourself to the natural warmth and beauty of the overlooking gardens and the picturesque lush green surrounding landscapes. Our rooms are equipped with a private bathroom with hot water and western toilets, closets, Ventilator. 

Nepal Yoga Retreat Location

This retreat will take place close to peace stupa in Pokhara, Nepal. The retreat center is located 7 km from lakeside, having an amazing view of the snow peaks. The Retreat is just 20 minutes ride from Pokhara’s busy tourist centre and a 25-minute ride from the airport.

Siddhartha Garden Ayurveda

Comfortable and clean room at our retreat in Nepal Pokhara
Beautiful and full of sun lights stay at Yoga retreat in Nepal Pokhara
Our Nepal Yoga retreat location in Pokhara


During this retreat, you will be served delicious daily vegetarian/vegan meals prepared in the ayurvedic principle. Each morning will begin with fresh lemon& ginger tea to awaken and detoxify the body, while the breakfast to follow will include organic local fruit salads, wholesome porridge, wholegrain toast and a variety of cereals. Lunch and dinner consists of many different vegetarian soups, traditional curries, rice bowls, salads and homemade breads. Teas and non-alcoholic drinks will be available throughout the day.

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    Pokhara, Nepal


Available all year around

Shared room $395
Single room $495

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Students Experience

Kostas Grafanakis



One of the most beautiful lessons that our teacher shared with us from the first day was this one: ” I never call myself a teacher. Only a learner. Everyday there is something that we can learn. The day you will call yourself teacher is the same day you will go away from the Yoga path….” This advice follows me since. So be humble in every aspect of life to be able to understand more. Thank you also for making clear to us that all the knowledge is inside of each one of us.We just need to observe!

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