Yoga Teacher Training Courses

Yoga Teacher Training

We offer Yoga TTC in Nepal and India in lap of sacred Himalayas. Our locations in Nepal support our meditative approach of teaching the traditional way of Yogic discipline. Students will experience a holistic education in Asanas, detoxification techniques, Pranayamas and Relaxation that will prepare them to go inward and find deep meditation. We also offer to split the Yoga TTC in Nepal course in shorter modules. 

Students at our Yoga teacher training program

Raffaela Bollinger-Testorelli



Thank you Yogasamskriti for your teachings in yoga philosophy and yoga anatomy. I would never have believed (if anyone had told me) that these subjects can tie me up so much, but of course only thanks to you. I could have listened to Teachers during my Yoga TTC in Nepal for hours every day ‬with so much love and knowledge and conviction you have cast me in your spell!
Namaste and see you soon in Switzerland!

Agnese Munalli

(Flight Attendant)


Being Rahul’s student has been an awesome experience during my Yoga TTC in Nepal. I’m extremely grateful for.His knowledge, combined with his humanity, creates an unbelievably high and researched atmosphere in the class.
His teaching was such an important tool for my growth, I’ll never be thankful enough for the knowledge that he shared, he really teaches with the heart!! One of the really few people I feel I can actually trust. Feels like family.
I’ve got the chance to go back and study with him very soon, a profound blessing, to learn the theories of yoga from a great Teacher, but first of all a great Human being.
Forever grateful! Love!


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