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Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal

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Known as the Meditative and Leisure City of Nepal, Pokhara is a beautiful lakeside town full of solace and solitude. Nestled below the picturesque snow-capped Annapurna Mountain Range, the city is the perfect place to revitalize your spirits and recharge your mind with positivity. Come and Join Us for yoga teacher training in Nepal.

Experience the yogic journey along with colorful diverse tradition of Nepal. Yogasamskriti training is based on Hatha and Vinyasa yoga, which includes yogic ayurvedic nutrition, breathe awareness, meditation and classic asana practice to brings you deep into the sacred world of yoga. 200-hour Yoga teacher training in Nepal is a systematic and holistic training for body, breath, mind and soul. This Yoga teacher training will create a solid foundation for your own Yoga practice as well as prepare you to teach Yoga. You will have the proper understanding of the different paths and tradition of yoga. During this Yoga course, you will receive your own teaching experience through teaching the fellow students.


The yoga teacher training is designed for those who want to immerse themselves deeper in yoga practice and as well as take responsible job of sharing yoga, for their profession. The yoga education provides comprehensive overview of the most important yoga asana, their correct execution. We place Special emphasis on therapeutic alignment, so that upon completion of this program, the trainees can include any kind of audience and adopt the teachings according to the students’ needs. 

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Upcoming Dates for Yoga Training in Nepal

  • Sep 5 – Sep 28, 2019
  • Oct 5 – October 28, 2019
  • Nov 5 – Nov 28, 2019
  • March 5  – March 28, 2019
  • April 5 – April 28, 2019
  • May 5 – May 28, 2019


Surrounded by the calm and peaceful atmosphere of the meditative mountains, Yogasamskriti school provides a tranquil environment to students that helps them to connect with their inner selves. With pleasing ambiance and contemporary interiors, rooms reflect the harmony and serenity of the place. They allow you to completely surrender yourself to the natural warmth and beauty of the overlooking gardens and the picturesque lush green surrounding landscapes.

Each of the spacious rooms includes comfortable beds, air conditioning, big windows that provide plenty of sunlight, mosquito nets, and perfect bathrooms with complete bath and shower facilities, western style toilet seats, plenty of sun and light. All the rooms are equipped with modern technology and truly enhance the relaxing and represent a soothing experience for students.


During this Yoga teacher training, you will be served delicious daily vegetarian or vegan meals prepared in the Ayurvedic principle. Each morning will begin with fresh lemon and ginger tea to awaken and detoxify the body, while the breakfast to follow will include organic local fruit salads, wholesome porridge, wholegrain toast and a variety of cereals. Lunch and dinner consist of many different vegetarian soups, traditional curries, rice bowls, salads and homemade slices of bread. Teas and non-alcoholic drinks will be available throughout the day.

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Yoga Training in Nepal Daily Schedule


  • 06:00 – 09:00 Asana, pranayama
  • 09:00 – 10:30 Breakfast and break
  • 10:30 – 13:00 Philosophy, anatomy
  • 13:00 – 16:00 Rest and Self Study
  • 16:00 – 18:00 Vinyasa Yoga
  • 18:00 – 19:00 Meditation and Relaxation
  • 19:00 – 20:00 Dinner


  • 200-hour training certificate
  • Daily Yoga and Meditation
  • Teaching group experience
  • Social, cultural activities
  • Daily 3 meals
  • Philosophy, ethics, and lifestyle
  • 27 nights accommodation



The morning lesson is dedicated to your personal practice. The afternoon practice consists of your practice and learning how to teach. The daily in-depth practice includes:

  • Basic warm-ups
  • Sun salutations and variations
  • Basic, medium, and advanced yoga asanas
  • Postural alignment
  • Benefits and contraindications of asanas
  • Vinyasa
  • Intelligent sequencing
  • Injuries, special needs, and variations


  • Knowledge of the breathing techniques
  • Nadi Shodhanam, Bhastrika, Ujjai, Kapalbati, and Bhramari
  • Practice of diaphragmatic breathing
  • Stress management and anxiety related techniques

Philosophy and Yogic Lifestyle

  • Yoga Sutras of Patanjali – study of the text and commentary
  • Bhagavad Gita – study of the text and commentary
  • Basic concepts of Vedanta philosophy and Tantra
  • Kundalini yoga and subtle anatomy: Prana, Nadis, Chakras, Granthis, and Bandha
  • Nutrition for the yogis

Yoga Anatomy

  • Introduction to the main body systems and the effects of asana and pranayama on these systems
  • Focus on skeletal and muscular systems and their functions
  • Therapeutic alignment and body biomechanics
  • Common injuries and how to prevent and address them
  • Creating safe and anatomically beneficial sequences

Teaching Methodology

  • In-depth study and practice of all asana groups and their alignment
  • Instructing asana with alignment and breath
  • Creating and teaching sequences
  • Creating and teaching a Hatha or Vinyasa class
  • Use of props and asana variations
  • Language and tone of voice
  • Creating safe environment
  • Language and tone of voice
  • Guided relaxation and meditation techniques
  • Injury and modifications for special needs

Meditation and Satsang

Satsang means “to be in the company of truth and wisdom”. As such it can mean study, contemplation, group discussion and sharing, sound meditations and chanting, and other activities that raise your vibrations, lift your spirits, and open your minds. 

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Rahul ji

Elli ji

Sandeep Pandey

Avinash Mishara

What to do in Pokhara, Nepal during your Yoga teacher training

The fascinating ambiance, natural beauty and tranquil atmosphere of Pokhara, Nepal facilitates meditation and inspires Yoga practices. Enjoying Yoga while watching the sunrise and sunset over the mountains is a popular way to start and end the day here. Apart from the spiritual Yoga activities offered, students of the Yoga Teacher Training Program and Retreat in Pokhara, Nepal can also enjoy boating in the serene Fewa lake or simply sit back to relax, reading in one of the many laid-back cafes or peaceful parks, absorbing the tranquil energy of Mother Earth. From sightseeing and experiencing the colorful culture of Pokhara, Nepal to visiting the Devi’s Falls and the Mahendra Cave; from famous museums like the Gurkha Museum to spiritual centers like the World Peace Pagoda, the city offers a vast array of activities for all to enjoy. The local cafes and restaurants serve delicious food and drinks for all dietary inclinations. For the more adventure inclined individuals, white water rafting and tandem paragliding are available. Pokhara, Nepal is also a gateway to some of the world’s most famous trekking expeditions, offering numerous opportunities for the outdoorsy student. The place is quiet and amicable for nature lovers who can enjoy a river walk, nature treks, and an enriching experience of soulful divinity and spiritual fulfillment.

How to get to Pokhara, Nepal

By Air

Please book your flight to arrive at Tribhuvan International Airport (KTM) in Kathmandu. Then you can take another flight to Pokhara airport. Upon landing at any of these locations, taxi can be availed to our venue, The Lakeside Retreat, Pokhara.


Upon completion of this yoga teacher training, students will receive certificate affiliated with Yoga Alliance. Registration with Yoga Alliance provides a globally recognized credential.

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Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal

Yogasamskriti, a traditional yoga school and research center, is a genuine endeavor to deliver the wisdom of ancient yogic traditions.

    Pokhara, Nepal


24 Days Intensive Yoga Teacher Training

Sep 5 – Sep 28, 2019
Oct 5 – Oct 28, 2019
Nov 5 – Nov 28, 2019
March 5 – March 25, 2019
April 5 – April 28, 2019
May 5 – May 28, 2019


Shared room     $1645
Single room      $1950

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Students Experience

Katie Laramore

(Graduate Student)

United States

Learning about the traditional philosophy of yoga and meditation with these teachers was an amazing experience. I learned so much about self-awareness and tuning into the inner-self. It was so much more than asana. I also met some amazing friends along the way, it’s an experience than will bond people for a lifetime.

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