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Yogasamskriti School is a genuine endeavour to deliver this wisdom of ancient yoga through Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal Pokhara and India. We teach Yoga as awareness and balance, wholistic, righteous way of living through our intense yogic trainings. Our Nepal Yoga Teacher Training provide the knowledge to our students of classical Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga (physical health), Meditation and Yoga Nidra (mental health) and Yoga Philosophy (spiritual health). We offer 200,300,500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal Pokhara. Our special Meditation Teacher training, Yoga Nidra Retreat and Meditation Yoga retreat are specialised for yoga teachers.

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Yoga, Mindfulness and  Meditation for everyone!

Split your 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal Pokhara into modules. We offer four weekly modules that can be combined at your convenience from 2 to 4 consecutive weeks. You can also divide your 300-500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal.

  • Module I + Module II
  • Module III + Module IV
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Yoga Teacher Training and Retreats

We provide a wide range of Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal and India. Meditation Teacher Training and focused Yoga retreats takes place through out the year. According to their time availability, students can join our meditation retreats and also continue to build up on their education and deepen their knowledge.

Upcoming Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal 2020

Sometimes authenticity is an issue with yoga training, because there are so many of them nowadays. But I can truly say without hesitation that Yogasamskritis Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal was authentic and true in every aspect. Any person will be lucky to be provided with teachings of this quality, but also to spend time in the warmth of these teachers.    – Maria 


200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training


  • Sep 5 – Sep 28, 2020
  • Oct 5 – Oct 28, 2020
  • Nov 5 –Nov 28,2020
  • Mar 5 – Mar 28, 2021
  • April 5 – April 28, 2021
  • Feb 5 – Feb 28, 2021


  • Dec 3 – Jan 2, 2021
  • Jun 3  – July 2, 2021
  • Shared Room $1,645
  • Private Room $1,990

Retreats and Workshop

  • 6 Days yoga & meditation retreat in Nepal
  • 6 days Yoga and Ayurveda retreat in Rishikesh
  • Shared Room $395
  • Private Room $495

Yoga Teachers

We are an international team of Yoga teachers that practice and share traditional Yogic teachings. We have extensive experience in traditional Yogic disciplines and yoga teacher training. 

sandeep ji


Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal,
Tool of Self Growth and Transformation.

Himalayan Yoga

Nepal Yoga Experience

In Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal, students will experience the Yogic way of living in different occasions. We provide cooking classes, excursions to sacred places, Mantra chanting classes (Bhakti Yoga) and for deeper relaxation also Ayurvedic massages.

Ayurveda Massage

Cooking Class

Local Excursion

Mantra Chanting

Natural Living

Our Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal and meditation courses take place in locations surrounded by nature. In Pokhara. we have mountain views at lake side, while in Rishikesh we are close to the Ganga river and in full harmony with wildlife. Our food is completely natural and comes from rural places, supporting small and organic farmers. The cooking is fresh and according to Ayurvedic principles.




Students Experience

Liesbeth Dolstra

(Medical Administrator)


It was an amazing expierence this month. The 4 teachers had so much knowlogde and were so nice. It was not only about learning asana , it was learning about innerselves. I am greatful for eveything that i recieved this last month. Thank you so much

Katie Laramore

(Graduate Student)

United States

Learning about the traditional philosophy of yoga and meditation with these teachers was an amazing experience. I learned so much about self-awareness and tuning into the inner-self. It was so much more than asana. I also met some amazing friends along the way, it’s an experience than will bond people for a lifetime.

Cynthia de Wolf

(Social Media Manager)

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Rahul for his yoga classes. His way of teaching / proper English and correcting postures helped a lot and really made me experience the benefits of yoga. I also liked the extra focus on the breath during asanas, that you made me more conscious, I take it with me the yoga lessons i do back in the Netherlands I can literally hear you speak, during pauses.

Sabine Stöhr

(Mountain Climber )


I was already able to enjoy the lessons and I am impressed by the deep and extensive knowledge of Rahul. Whether philosophy, anatomy, mediation or Ayurveda medicine. Every hour was very educational and filled with very good information. Based on practical examples, we have learned a lot, discussed and laughed. I thank you for knowing what I got with me on my way.  Namaste

Catherine van Royen

(Energy Healer & Trainer)


In 2015 already, I had the opportunity receive teaching from Rahul and I was thoroughly impressed by his knowledge and ability to tune into and guide people. Rahul has great wisdom and depth. I know him as a very sincere and pure person. I can wholeheartedly recommend his teachings.


Kun Ágnes Anna

(opera singer)

Budapest, Hungary

I felt myself very relaxed in all the classes. I could pay attention to my inner world with comfort. I knew, that teachers could take care for me at this place.When I teach in my classes now, I always find that feeling deeper and deeper. You are a great teacher! And I love that you are not easily satisfied and you always inspire people to be better human being and to improve and i could feel it.

Raffaela Bollinger



Thank you Rahul Kataria for your teachings in yoga philosophy and yoga anatomy. I would never have believed (if anyone had told me) that these subjects can tie me up so much, but of course only thanks to you. I could have listened to you for hours every day ‬with so much love and knowledge and conviction you have cast me in your spell!Namaste and see you soon in Switzerland!

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